The Kristall E5 Xplorer is a far better bike than your usual city commuter. Firstly it is a mid-drive dual purpose mountain bike that can be used in the city as well. Although it was designed to be a simple and user-friendly mountain bike, it is capable on road and off. The Xplorer come in 2 options, the unfailing 350W and the bigger thrilling 500W motor. Travel along comfortably at an excess of 20km per hour and have a range of 80-120km with pedal assist.

Secondly, you have an ergonomic saddle to make you feel comfortable, no matter how long or how far your adventure might take you. Take all your gear with a weight load up to 120kg. You do not even have to be concerned about having a hard time pedaling. Pedal assist mode can be adjusted according to your needs or preference. Also track your progress with the LED display that shows the speed, battery life, pedal assist mode and total distance traveled.

Powered by a 36V 13Ah Li-ion battery that has a relatively fast charging time of 4-6 hours for a full charge. Get yourself and Xplorer and go and explore!